No Man’s Sky reportedly only 30 hours long

Aboard the seemingly never-ending hype aeroplane No Man’s Sky seems to be the accidental pilot of, the flight seems to be experiencing even more turbulence. This bumpy ride has been caused by Reddit user daymeeuhn (the same guy who bought an early copy of the game for ten times more than he would’ve had he only waited a week) who stated that the quest to reach the centre of the universe, a journey which creator Sean Murray claimed took at least 40-100 hours to complete for the more determined players, only lasted him around 30 hours.

This created a lot of unease amongst fans, and has caused many to question the potential quality of the final game. However, it is worth pointing out that the player did utilise a bug he discovered during his playthrough which made warp travel between systems much easier and quicker, which will likely be fixed in the Day One patch recently completed by Hello Games.

The Redditor also identified some pros and cons with the game. Positives included the originality and uniqueness in each planet, the impressive sound design and visuals and the smooth, seamless and fun gameplay. However, he has also stated that there are multiple bugs he has encountered, such as one where large sea creatures spawn in very shallow water, but these, like the warp drive bug, will probably be fixed in the launch-day patch.

No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray has tweeted out about the Reddit thread, stating:

We’ve spent years filling No Man’s Sky with surprises. You’ve spent years waiting. Please don’t spoil it for yourself.

Some have speculated that Mr Murray is attempting to avert attention from the thread as it identifies the true game, however it is more than likely that he simply wishes fans to experience the game themselves, firsthand.


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