Well. You seem to have found yourself on the About page of this here blog. I guess I should explain myself.

Hi, my name is Ali and I am the one who just so happens to have founded this website, The Wild Roe Deer. On here, I typically talk about films and video games, in various ways.

Firstly, there are the reviews. I’ll basically review anything I feel like, new or old. Usually these come in the form of standard reviews, where I do my best to lay out the various pros and cons of each film/game in a way which is at least a little coherent to read (with varying degrees of success). They may also appear in ‘A Review Or Two’ articles, in which I give my thoughts on at least two films/games which I didn’t have quite enough thoughts on to fit into a fully-fledged review. Reviews can also come in the form of YouTube, but that’s only if I can be bothered to go that extra mile, which isn’t particularly often. Finally, there are the ‘Upon A Second Viewing/Playthrough’ articles, in which I give further thoughts on previous¬†reviews, adding new pros/cons and comparing the¬†experience to that of the first run around.

I also produce ‘Features’ articles, which involve thoughts and opinions on various topics (usually current) in the films and games industries. They allow for talk on more broad topics, spanning over many films/games, and they tend to be the more frequent possts. However, it varies depending on how much there is to talk about. These posts also often take a little more effort, as usually some more research needs to be done. However, they are the fun ones!

Aaaaaaand that’s about it really. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, either email thewildroedeer@gmail.com or just click on the Contact tab above and follow the steps provided. If you’d like to see your work on the site, get in touch and it might get on the site.

Thanks for reading and, without further ado, on with the sloppily-written show!


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